Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Classic Reflections

Not my typical subject matter, but I like shiny things...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Scott Carlin Photography on Facebook

While it has been entirely too long since I have updated my blog, I have been busy shooting! I am in the process of setting up a blog on a new platform and updating my website, but in the interim felt the urge to keep posting photos, photography news, and gallery information. For the moment, My Facebook Fan Page will be where I post my latest work and announcements.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

My photo in the Ansel Adams Gallery Photography Contest

If you like this image, please give me a vote at this link:

The Ansel Adams Gallery

The most popular images in the gallery go on to the final judging round.

Many thanks for your support! More posts coming soon.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Open Spaces

When I tell people one of my favorite shooting locations is the farmlands and eastern plains of Colorado, (which I often do), I am typically met with a look of absolute confusion, as if the person I am talking to is being punked. I'm a nature photographer - what on earth would interest me about the open plains and farmland??

It all goes back to my formal graphic design training, which permanently engrained in my brain and imagination the concept and beauty of minimalism. Less really is more. I grew up in the Rocky Mountains; a land of magnificent peaks, rugged terrain, and vast forests of Evergreen, Pine, and Aspen, yet I do not have one single photo in any gallery of this type of landscape. I do have a few photos that I may share someday, but overall find it extremely difficult to compose a strong image in the Rockies, whereas in the farmland and desert, it's as if I have to pick from so many exciting and accessible options. For some reason the mystery of big skies, old trees, farm relics, decaying barns, and open land really are what connects me and my art.

Here's a few of my photos from eastern Colorado from the last couple of days. It seems the thunderstorm season is a bit late this year, but incredibly magnificent as the ominous clouds roll over the vibrant sunlit wheat fields. While shooting, I find myself playing a game of hide and seek with the sunlight through the clouds, trying to position myself in areas where the foreground is illuminated, while the sky is obscured by the daunting thunderstorms, creating a surreal contrast.

Some of this is very temporary land, and as urban development is sure to encroach upon and swallow many of these wonderful places within a few years, conforming them to urban sprawl and strip malls, there will be barely a memory of the natural peace and wonder that existed here previously.

You can see some of my previous journeys to eastern Colorado here , and here as well.